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Terms and Conditions

This site (as well as my other related sites: and acts as a venue to allow viewing and some sale of the products contained therein.

It also acts as an interactive forum for people who find the products to be of interest to them, who may like to engage in discussions over the particular images or other relevant issues. We have no control and are not responsible for the quality, truth, safety or legality of what users enter on the site.

For the users, viewing of this site itself is free - but by using it, you agree to the terms of this agreement, and you re-affirm that agreement every time you use the site.

You are STRICTLY NOT allowed to make any copies of the images on line, any prints you may purchase or parts of them without first obtaining permission. Any form of unauthorised reproduction is ILLEGAL. The copyright is still held by the artist/producer of the original art work.

You MUST NOT post:

  • Strong, vulgar, obscene or otherwise harmful language,
  • Racially, ethnically or otherwise, objectionable language or harass, intimidate, stalk or threaten other community members.
  • Libelous, defamatory, hostile or otherwise tortuous language.


  • Vandalise,
  • Impersonate another person,
  • Post distribute, transmit or promote illegal content.
  • Invade another's privacy.
  • Engage in actions that are hurtful to minors,
  • Post, provide, transmit or otherwise make available any materials or information infringing on the rights of a third party,
  • Post, provide, transmit, or otherwise make available any junk mail or spam,
  • Post, upload, email or otherwise transmit any material that contains any malicious computer code, or reverse engineering or hack any materials on the Site.