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Thank you for your visit. On this site are photographs I have taken over a space of about three years.
As an artist (a painter and sculptor) starting to dabble in photography sometime in late 2005, I quickly became fascinated especially with tripod mounted low-light and night exposure work.

Incidentally I note many similarities between painting and photography. Apart from the more obvious aspects such as composition, there are also the metaphors, the moods and perhaps more dramatically the 'chance' element that most watercolour painters are no strangers to.

For me though, the camera as an instrument of creative expression comes grandly into it's own in long exposures, low-light and night photography.

I have found that in daylight our eyes are far more efficient and see much better than the camera. At night and in low-light conditions however, with the right approach and handling the camera sees better than us!

Perhaps this single realisation is what has driven me to explore this medium some more - regardless of subject.
Perhaps mood that night photographs usually seem to have. Or maybe just sheer delight in experimenting with the camera settings for exposure.

Whatever the case, having built a library of images in this genre I thought building a site to feature some of them was a good idea. This website is the result of that thought.
I also considered and created relevant themes as I sought scenes, subjects and any excuse to do long exposures.

Bridges across the Thames, an on-going project of mine featuring night and low-light exposures of all the bridges crossing the Thames in the London area is one of such themes.
Another one is London at Night. The latter most likely the result of my personal observation that London looks it's most charming and beautiful at night.

Please do feel free to drop me a note or contact me if you have any questions.

Daniel Gbenga Orimoloye,
Epping Essex, U.K. 2008