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Viewing Preferences & Themes

For your added convenience, there are four viewing styles or themes are available on this site. These are namely:

Cool: This is for a clean look where the text is written in dark grey on predominatly white pages.

Easy: The text is close to black against an interface of subtle grey-browns.

Forest: Light grey text against mid-tone sort of olive green.

Dark: Light grey text on predominantly dark background - black with some dark and mid greys.

Each of these styles/themes can be chosen at anytime from any part of the site by clicking the links marked accordingly in the top right hand corner of the interface.

You are encouraged to use this feature to select your personal viewing preference. Or if you prefer, you can change back and forth as you wish. If your browser has been configured to accept cookies, your final choice will be remembered and the appropriate theme will be loaded when next you visit the site.